An Urban Homesteading Company

If you want a beautiful, edible yard, look no further. As a local business, CaliFarmer comes to your house as often as you need to maintain your edible garden and landscape. We found our love of edible gardening while living on a castle estate in Ireland, where we grew over 20 types of greens for salad mixes, all sorts of vegetables, and specialized in cut flowers.

Now located in the South Bay, we have catered to clients from Palos Verdes to Malibu. Some of our commercial work as independent contractors includes maintaining a vegetable garden at Terranea Resort’s for one of their fine dining restaurants.

Our goal is to guide people so that they experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food. If we teach people how to grow their food locally, seasonably and sustainably, they learn how to connect with each other, respect the environment and taste the yumminess of home grown food.

As certified Master Gardeners and a graduate of the Edible Schoolyard Academy, we also volunteer and teach at local school gardens to ensure that future generations are learning about organic, seasonal farming, healthy eating and environmental stewardship.

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We make sure your garden is not only productive but also visually appealing.

We take care of seasonal vegetable planting, harvesting, fruit tree care, trellising, basic irrigation work, drip feed and emitter installation and simple chicken coop maintenance.

We also offer lessons in jam making and home canning.

Hourly service includes:

  •  labor
  •  plants
  •  fertilizer
  •  organic pest control
  •  composting

Anything outside of every day
care is additional.


Our homemade jams are made from all natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on providing a top notch product made from seasonal produce.
We are available for private in-home jam tastings.

All of our jams are made in small batches with love. CaliFarmer is certified through Cottage Food Law in the state of California.

We partner with local businesses to provide them a quality product that they are proud to use in their establishments.

Please visit our shop to see what is available and where we will be making a public offerings of our homemade goodness.