We pride ourselves in the quality of our homemade and handcrafted items. Not only do we make homemade jams, we also make fruit butters, nut butters and flavored vinegars. All of our jams, butters and vinegars are made in small batches in our home kitchen.

We also offer handcrafted artisan garden stakes. Our stakes are hand carved and painted. They are treated with food safe wood oil to make them safe for use in the home vegetable garden. The stakes are made to order and will be constructed in the order that they are received. We have two types of garden stakes, cedar and pine. The cedar stakes are approximately 3.5 feet and pine stakes 3 feet.

We are also a licensed nursery. We grow a selected assortment of edible and ornamental plants. At the moment we do not ship plants. If you are in the Los Angeles area we are available to custom grow plants of your selection.

Feel free to contact us for order details.